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Easing Strain on Your Neck, Jaw & Face

Surprisingly enough, occlusal disease is both one of the most common oral health problems patients face and one of the most underdiagnosed. It occurs when the teeth are not properly aligned resulting in damage and pain that affects the teeth, jaw, facial muscles, or all of the above. Here in Orlando, Dr. John Russo provides his patients with early diagnosis and personalized care they need most when struggling with this condition.


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Symptoms of Teeth Grinding & TMJ Dysfunction

  • Considerable wear that affects the biting surfaces of your teeth. Patients may notice this if their front teeth look smaller or their back teeth appear overly flat.
  • Teeth that feel looser or move within the mouth.
  • Overly sensitive teeth, especially when exposed to changes in temperature.
  • Teeth that seem excessively prone to breakage.
  • Constantly sore or outright pained facial muscles.
  • Jaw joints that constantly pop and click or feel sore.

Revitalizing Care & Results

The earlier Dr. Russo can diagnose your occlusal disease, the simpler your treatment will be protecting you from more extensive damage and cost down the road. After an in-depth examination, he can prescribe possible solutions to harmonize your bite and create a steady, comfortable relationship between the teeth, muscles, and jaw. This could include a custom fit night guard, altering certain teeth in a minor fashion, placing custom restorations, or undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Without intervention, the occlusal disease could eventually result in teeth becoming prematurely worn down or lost. That’s why we want to help as soon as possible. Don’t wait to reach out for help at our Orlando, FL dental office – contact our team today!

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