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Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings
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A Better Way to Treat Cavities

Unfortunately, nearly everyone gets cavities at some point. But, as a dentist in Orlando who uses modern techniques and materials, we give you a much better option to repair them than metal fillings. Instead, Dr. Russo uses tooth-colored material to restore the health and beauty of your teeth at the same time. If you think you may need a dental filling and want a solution that looks as good as it feels, give us a call to reserve an appointment today for composite tooth-colored fillings in our Orlando, FL dental office.


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What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings Made From?

Whereas metal fillings are made from a mixture of mercury, tin, copper, and other metals, tooth-colored fillings are made of composite resin and silica. These materials not only look like natural enamel, but they also act more like enamel in response to temperature and chewing pressure. This provides benefits for both the appearance and health of your teeth.

What is the Procedure Like?

Tooth-colored fillings are done in just one visit. Here are the basic steps involved:

  • After numbing the area, Dr. Russo will remove any decayed portions of your tooth.
  • Then he’ll clean and dry the tooth before filling it with composite material.
  • Next, your new filling will be shaped to make sure it feels great.
  • Lastly, a special “curing” light will be used to harden the material, and any final adjustments will be made as needed.
  • Your filling will be completely set when you leave, so you can eat and drink normally as soon as your numbing wears off.
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Tooth-Colored Fillings Compared to Traditional Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Tooth-colored fillings don’t stand out when you smile or laugh. That means no one will know (except you and our team) that you’ve had dental work.
  • Metal fillings expand and contract rapidly in response to temperature and can cause cracks in your teeth over time. Tooth-colored fillings “flex” more like natural enamel which deters cracks and insulates against changes in temperature.
  • The tooth-colored filling procedure is less invasive than getting a metal filling. This allows more of your natural tooth structure to be retained, which benefits your long-term oral health.

If you’re interested in tooth-colored fillings, contact us anytime to schedule a visit. With many years of experience, we’ll make sure your smile is healthy and beautiful!

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