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Types of Dental Implants in Orlando

Older woman pointing to flawless smile

As we plan for your dental implant supported tooth replacement, you’ll partner with skilled Orlando dentist, John E. Russo, DMD, to create a personalized restoration. The versatile implant supported tooth replacement options allow us to replace any number of missing teeth from the roots up. Strategically created and placed below the gums to mimic the lost root structures of missing teeth, dental implants allow us to fully repair the smile following the loss of any number of missing teeth. When you’re ready to explore your implant supported tooth replacement options, call to schedule a consultation appointment in Dr. Russo’s Orlando dental office to review your treatment options.

Single Tooth Dental Implants

Animation of implant supported crown

A single missing tooth can be replaced with one implant post. The implant post is surgically positioned below the gum line. A small incision is made into the gums. Then, an implant post is positioned into the jaw line. Over the course of three to six months, the implant fuses with the jawbone. Once the implant is firmly in place, we’ll design and craft a dental crown to replace the missing tooth. Unlike traditional single tooth replacement that relies on healthy surrounding teeth for support, implant supported dental crowns are completely self-supporting, and they look and function just like healthy teeth.

Multiple Tooth Implants

Model of implant supported fixed bridge

For patients missing two or more consecutive teeth, a fixed bridge can be attached to two implant posts, one at each end, to repair healthy, natural function. Patients missing numerous consecutive and nonconsecutive teeth may need an implant supported partial denture. These tooth replacement prosthetics use a gum colored base material to fit between remaining healthy teeth, recreating a full, healthy smile. Partial dentures can usually be supported with two to four implant posts.

Full Smile Restorations

Model of smile with implant supported denture

When you’ve lost a full row of teeth, we can use four to six implant posts to support a denture. Like other implant supported tooth replacement options, you’ll need to wait for several months to allow the implant posts to fuse with the jawbone. However, in order to allow you some smile function, we will usually provide a temporary denture until the implant posts have fully fused with the gum line. Once your implants have fused with the gum and bone structure, we’ll attach the gum-colored denture base to the implant posts, restoring natural form and function to your smile.

What Tooth Replacement Solution do I Need?

No two patients are exactly alike, so we’ll need to complete a tooth replacement consultation in order to provide a treatment plan that fits your unique needs. During your tooth replacement consultation, we’ll examine your current level of oral health, review all of your tooth replacement options, and partner with you to create a plan that will keep a healthy, flawless smile on your face for years to come.