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Speciality Dental Services

Oral Cancer Screenings

hand pointing to x-rayMost people know they need to worry about cavities and gum disease, but what about oral cancer? A whopping 25% of victims don’t actually participate in any risk factors for the disease, and late diagnoses are sadly common, leaving the survival rate at only around 50%. Thankfully, there’s a silver lining – early cases have a much higher rate of successful treatment at 80-90%. That’s why Dr. Russo is dedicated to locating cancerous cells at their earliest stages during your routine check-ups. If our team finds cause for concern, we can help you take the next steps towards a biopsy and treatment as quickly as possible.

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

Our state-of-the-art soft tissue laser is able to take the place of a traditional scalpel altering your gum line and removing decay with more precision and comfort than ever before. In fact, most patients don’t even need sutures afterwards! Dr. Russo typically recommends this service as a non-surgical option for gum disease treatment, as well as an effective solution for uneven soft tissue or an overly “gummy” smile. Our goal is to create the revitalizing results you want for your smile in a simple and effective way!

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are vital when diagnosing a wide variety of dental problems, but the traditional method for capturing them came with a lot of pitfalls. Digital technology has completely transformed this process for the better making it much simpler and safer for our patients here in Orlando, FL. Instead of relying on a darkroom and hazardous chemicals, our team can capture detailed photographs of your oral structures and transfer them to our computer system in a matter of seconds – it’s as easy as that. We can even color-code them so that patients better understand what they’re looking at, and best of all, radiation exposure is reduced by up to 90%.

iTero Scanner

When treating dental problems, it’s important for our Orlando team that we have a full understanding of your smile. Thankfully, the iTero scanner makes this process easy by creating a detailed, digital map of your entire mouth. There’s no need for uncomfortable oral trays or messy putty material – this state-of-the-art technology handles the entire impression process quickly and accurately, allowing us to provide quality restorative care that helps you enjoy a better, brighter smile.

Inman Aligners

For patients in need of quick orthodontic treatment, an Inman Aligner can make a world of difference. This simple appliance is used to move your front teeth with the help of coil springs and aligner bows that “squeeze” together, creating changes in an impressive timeframe – just 6-18 weeks, in most cases! Patients using an Inman Aligner will need to wear it 16-20 hours a day, as well as attend brief check-ups with Dr. Russo every two to three weeks.