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High-Tech Tooth Replacements with Orlando Dental Implants

Have you ever seen a tooth after it falls out? It has a long tail on the end – a root that anchors the tooth in the jaw bone. The root supports the tooth and allows you to chew comfortably. Until recently, dentists had no means of replacing a missing tooth root. Now, with dental implants, Dr. John Russo can closely mimic nature’s design and give you a replacement tooth that looks, feels, and functions like the original. Contact our Orlando, FL practice to schedule a consultation!

Implant Options

Dental implants have three parts. The first part is a titanium fixture that serves as a root. Bone tissue fuses with the titanium fixture, similar to a natural tooth root, over the course of several months. The titanium "root" provides support for the second and third parts – a custom restoration and the post, the part that connects the fixture to the crown or bridge. 

There are multiple options for the patient’s restoration, depending on their personal needs and Dr. Russo’s professional opinion. An all-ceramic crown can rebuild the shape and strength of an individual tooth seamlessly, but this option usually isn’t ideal when replacing several teeth. An implant-retained bridge or denture can provide more extensive coverage, securely attaching to a number of placed implants for a secure and natural fit.

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Choosing Implants

An ideal implant patient would have enough bone tissue to support the implant, be healthy enough to withstand a minor oral surgery, and have relatively good oral health. Dr. Russo and our team will examine your bone tissue, medical status, and gums to determine if implants are the best solution for you. Most people can receive dental implants. Other options to replace missing teeth include bridges, dentures, and partials.

CareStream 8100 3D

The treatment planning stage of dental implants is crucial for a successful procedure. Sometimes, traditional 2D x-rays do not provide a sufficient view of what is going on beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. To gain a more comprehensive look at the jaw bone, soft tissues, and adjacent and opposing teeth, we have invested in the CareStream 8100 3D scanner. It’s a 3D x-ray system that helps us see problems that we might otherwise miss, for more thorough treatment planning.

The CareStream tool also allows for computer-guided implant placement, which is the safest, most accurate, and predictable method currently available. By using a surgical guide, all guesswork is eliminated from placement -- the CareStream 8100 3D limits the depth of the drill and, thus, the depth of the implant. Dental implants placed with a surgical guide are highly predictable, almost guaranteeing their success.

In addition to upping our technology game with the CareStream 8100 3D, we also use Biohorizons implants, which have an exclusive Laser Lok collar design that promotes a strong seal to the gum and bone to minimize the risk of bone loss on the implants. It all adds up to state-of-the-art implant dentistry!

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