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Hi-Tech Dentist in Orlando Uses iTero Intraoral Scanner

April 23, 2017

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Dentist in orlando uses advanced technology. Dental care has never been more comfortable or efficient than it is today. Using the latest technology, Dr. John E. Russo offers digital dentistry to provide a higher level of care for Orlando patients. One example is the iTero Intraoral Scanner, which Dr. Russo uses during the treatment planning stages for a traditional crown and bridge or for Invisalign trays. Continue reading to learn more about this invaluable tool from the hi-tech dentist in Orlando!

When Do We Use Digital Scanning?

Digital scanning with iTero offers your Orlando dentist proven imaging precision during the treatment planning stage of crowns and bridges, the restorations that replace missing teeth or strengthen weak, worn, or damaged teeth. iTero is also integrated with the Invisalign system to help us create perfectly-fitting aligners for your orthodontic treatment.

Digital scanning replaces the method of traditional impressions, an uncomfortable process that really doesn’t produce the most accurate model of the mouth. Digital images are far more accurate, and captured without the need to bite down on gooey cement.

With the highly accurate digital scans, the dental lab also has all the information needed to create the best-fitting restoration or Invisalign trays. Physical models of the mouth can become damaged and may not represent the dimensions of your oral structures correctly. But the digital scans captured with the iTero Intraoral Scanner are easy to read, ensuring that you receive a crown, bridge, or Invisalign tray that fits just like it should. In fact, restorations created with the iTero Intraoral Scanner have seven times fewer issues with fit compared to those crafted using traditional molds/impressions of the teeth.

The iTero Intraoral Scanner can also simulate outcomes before treatment, so you know exactly what to expect from your new restoration.

How iTero Intraoral Scanner Works

The iTero Intraoral Scanner works pretty simply. It’s a small, handheld tool that Dr. Russo or one of our trained staff members will use to capture images of your teeth. We will then review the images to ensure they came out properly. Once we’re ready, these 3D images are transferred instantly to our dental lab or the Invisalign system, where the restoration or aligners are crafted to the specific dimensions of your teeth. Once they have been created, you return to our office for the final placement or to begin your Invisalign treatment.

Numerous Benefits of Digital Scanning

Digital dentistry opens up a wealth of benefits for our patients. Some of the most significant advantages of digital scanning include…

  • Better accuracy
  • Captured more quickly
  • Instantly transferred to the lab
  • More comfortable for you
  • Fewer remakes in the laboratory
  • Reduces total treatment time
  • Digital files easily transferred and stored

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When you choose to visit the dentist who makes use of the latest technology, you are making an excellent decision for your oral health. Dr. Russo offers digital dentistry to patients in Orlando — patients just like you and your family. Schedule an appointment with the hi-tech dentist providing modern care today!

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