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What to Do About Your Short and Stubby Teeth

April 27, 2021

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When you see your teeth in the mirror, do you ever wonder whether they’re too short? Even if they’re not causing any physical problems, short teeth do have a tendency to affect the smile. It’s hard to greet people with a winning grin when you can’t shake the feeling that the appearance of your teeth is just a bit “off.” A cosmetic dentist in Orlando can help you understand why you have short teeth and then put together a treatment plan to create a more proportionate smile.

What Causes Small Teeth?

Some people are simply born with shorter-looking teeth. This can affect every tooth in your mouth, or it might only apply to localized portions of your smile. However, there are other things that can lead to short teeth, such as:

  • Severe wear and tear due to biting and chewing over long periods of time. Adults tend to be at higher risk for this as they get older.
  • Longer gums. If there’s an excessive amount of gum tissue in your mouth, the teeth may look shorter than they should. This is called a gummy smile.
  • Diet. The acids in certain foods and beverages can wear down the enamel.
  • Lifestyle. Drug abuse has been known to cause the teeth to wear down severely.

What Treatments are Available for Short Teeth?

You might think that short teeth are something you have to live with, but there are actually multiple treatments that can help. Both the cause of short teeth and your overall budget will be carefully considered by your cosmetic dentist before a service is recommended.

Porcelain veneers are a particularly common procedure for short teeth as well as many other cosmetic flaws. They’re attached to the front of your smile so that they can hide short teeth along with cracks, gaps, and other flaws. Each veneer is customized to look like a natural part of the mouth, so no one will have any idea that you’ve made any changes to your tooth. It’s also very easy to take care of them, since they can simply be brushed like natural teeth, and they don’t stain as easily as natural enamel does.

Crowns can also be used to increase the length of a tooth. Not only does this improve your appearance, but it can also help restore the overall balance of your bite by making sure the upper and lower teeth fit together properly. All-ceramic crowns are recommended for the most natural-looking results.

If you suffer from short teeth or are afraid that they might be causing serious dental issues, then you should call your dentist right away. Fixing your teeth could very well mean fixing your confidence.

About the Author

Dr. John E. Russo has been practicing dentistry in Orlando since 1996. He is a member of the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and uses veneers, crowns, and other treatments to make worn down smiles look like new again. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth, you can set up an appointment with Dr. Russo through his website or by calling (407) 843-2112.

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