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5 Ways to Celebrate Oral Care from Your Children’s Dentist in Orlando

February 5, 2018

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A woman and child brushing each other’s teeth.Instead of buying that box of chocolates or flowers, you can invest that money towards something that can benefit you and your child. How about a new toothbrush and a full bottle of your favorite toothpaste? The American Dental Association uses February to celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month, so why not take the time to talk to your kids about oral health?

To kick things off, your children’s dentist in Orlando has come up with 5 ways to practice oral care and celebrate the month right. Think of it this way: a dollar spent on prevention is dozens more saved in treatment costs, so make your month worth it!

Schedule Your Next Dental Appointment

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to make sure you have at least two visits scheduled for your children’s dentist in Orlando a year. When you schedule your appointment in February, it lines up perfectly for your second visit in August. Since this is typically a back-to-school month, you won’t have to take your child out of school for their appointment.

Do a Brushing Checkup

In the beginning, you probably supervised your child while they were brushing to make sure they were practicing proper technique and not swallowing too much toothpaste. Let February be the month you check on their habits. Make sure they are using toothpaste and not just water. Also make sure they start flossing to remove plaque from the sides of teeth and prevent gum disease.

Print Out a Free Coloring Chart

If you go to the ADA’s website, you’ll find many coloring pages and activities to make celebrating Child’s Dental Health Month fun! After you choose a chart-based coloring page, have your kids customize it and hang it in the bathroom. This can work as a reminder to motivate them to brush twice a day. Reward them with a fun outing to their favorite place to play for their efforts.

Buy New Toothpaste

Your family dentist in Orlando recommends that the next time you go grocery shopping with your child, let them pick out their favorite toothpaste. Many brands specifically create toothpastes for kids by showcasing their favorite cartoon characters. They also come in fruity flavors that kids are more likely to enjoy.

Purchase a Plaque-Disclosing Tablet

Understanding plaque can be difficult for a child since it’s invisible to the naked eye. Luckily, there are special tablets you can buy that reveal where plaque resides on teeth. If you aren’t sure where to purchase these tablets, ask your dentist in 32803 for advice. Make sure both of you do it so you can easily point out the hard-to-reach places plaque likes to hide.

Looking for more ways to celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month? Schedule an appointment with your family dentist in Downtown Orlando today to learn more ways to make oral care fun for the whole family!

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Dr. John E. Russo earned his DMD degree with honors from the University of Florida and his Advanced Education in General Dentistry from Wright-Patterson Medical Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. To learn more about his preventive care and practice, contact him at (407) 843-2112 or visit his website.

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