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5 Clear Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Veneers

May 9, 2022

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Veneers are a versatile cosmetic treatment that can enhance a single tooth or transform an entire smile. Typically made from durable porcelain, veneers can last for 10 years or more with proper care. However, eventually, you will need to replace your veneers or your smile may not look as flawless as it could. Here are five clear signs you should talk to your cosmetic dentist about veneer replacement.

#1: Veneers Are Darkening

Veneers are bonded to the front of teeth with dental cement and special curing light. Over time, this cement may gradually darken. If your veneer’s cement has darkened, it may be visibly noticeable through the restoration and make your smile appear less bright. There is no way to lighten the cement back up. The only option is to remove the veneer and the cement and apply a new one to your tooth.

#2: Veneers Are Stained

Veneers are much more resistant to stains from dark foods and beverages than natural enamel. However, they can still slowly become stained over time, especially if you drink coffee every morning. Unlike natural teeth, veneers cannot be bleached or whitened. You may be able to remove light staining from veneers by brushing thoroughly. If the stains on your veneers do not disappear despite deep brushing, it’s likely time for veneer replacement.

#3: Veneers Are Chipped or Cracked

If your veneers become rough around the edges, that’s a sure sign they may need to be replaced. After many years of eating and chewing, veneers can begin to wear down, crack, and eventually lose their shape. If you can feel rough edges on your veneers when you run your tongue over them, it’s time to contact a cosmetic dentist.

#4: Veneers Have Separated from Your Gums

Veneers require the same amount of care as your normal teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth and veneers twice a day, floss daily, and visit a dentist every six months, you are more likely to experience gum disease. If your gums recede due to infection, a gap will appear between your veneers and your gums.

#5: Veneers Are Too Big

Veneers are usually custom-made to fit perfectly on top of teeth. However, if your dentist does not measure your teeth or fails to measure them correctly, your veneers may end up being too big to fit comfortably in your smile. Oversized veneers not only look awkward but can be quite painful as well.

Practicing excellent oral hygiene at home can help your veneers stay in shape for as long as possible. In addition, be sure to visit a dentist twice a year for routine checkups and cleanings. During these appointments, your dentist will carefully examine your veneers to ensure they are looking and feeling great.

About the Author

Dr. John Russo has nearly 25 years of experience enhancing patients’ smiles with cosmetic dentistry. Named a “Top Dentist” by Orlando Magazine for eight years in a row, he is an expert in veneer replacement. To learn more about replacing veneers to preserve your beautiful smile, visit Dr. Russo’s website or call 407-843-2112.

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